The LMC is a brotherhood

About the Latino Men's Collective

Sample ImageThe LMC is dedicated to the growth of Latino leaders. We are a brotherhood, uniting men of diverse backgrounds through a mentorship program, open forums, and various social events. In order to integrate, energize, and impact the Latino community at large, we engage in service endeavors within and beyond Harvard's gates.

Founded in April 2006, the LMC addresses issues facing Latino men at Harvard, across the United States, and worldwide. We welcome the challenge of elevating brotherhood above differences of national heritage, language, and political perspective. We aspire to a new, vital, colorful vision of a Latino family that serves to enrich and empower our members as students, leaders, and men.

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In the past, we have hosted an outreach forum for Boston youth, thrown the highest-grossing dining hall party of 07-08, co-hosted intercultural events with other student organizations, held discussions with our female counterparts and other brotherhoods, and established a formalized mentorship program.

We are growing rapidly as an organization and now have the ability to make a big difference for ourselves, our communities, and Latinos everywhere. We welcome everyone to join us for a legendary 09-10!

Our History

Sample ImageFrom the moment we stepped onto Harvard's grounds, we noticed a lack of male Latino participation in the groups and activities in which we showed interest. We searched throughout the campus for Latino male upperclassmen who might be able to mentor us and assist us in our transition to a new environment. Luckily, we were able to find a few - very few - select individuals who ended up making a significant impact in our lives.

At the end of our freshmen year, however, we noticed that the faces of most of the hermanos we had seen earlier in the semester had disappeared; they somehow slipped through the cracks. We decided Harvard Latino males should not have to struggle to obtain the guidance and support that we believed was essential for a positive transition into the school. Thus, we founded the Latino Men's Collective, with the intention that it be used as a support system for any and all Latino males who might seek mentorship. With support from the administration and our peers, LMC has become a fixture in the student-group landscape at Harvard, and a brotherhood bent on leadership and success.

From the Founders,

Xavier & Oscar