Fall ’11 Auditions will kick off with prelims on the 9th through the 11th of September. Can’t wait to hear everybody! Look at our events page for more details regarding times and locations.

The Way Auditions Work

Auditions begin with the preliminary round. You will have a few
different days to choose from, and they take fifteen to twenty minutes at
most. We will run you through some scales and a few pitch matching
exercises to get an idea of your vocal range. Then, we ask you to sing a
prepared short solo, verse and chorus. The important part of this is to
express yourself; don’t choose something that strains your voice, or your
range. We’ve had everything from Italian arias to folk classics to “Happy
Birthday.” Don’t stress out about this!

After the preliminary round, there are two to three callback rounds,
where you get to learn parts of LowKeys’ arrangements, and sing with the
LowKeys. We may also ask you to sing another prepared solo to demonstrate
your personal style. Despite the fact that these are auditions, it’s also
time to get to know you, and for you to get to know us and the way we

At the end, decisions are highly dependent on what voice parts the group
needs for the present semester. So if for some reason you don’t make it
once, definitely come back and try again! We have members who auditioned a
few times before making it, and this is the same for every a cappella
group. So please feel free to approach any of us, and say hi!