What Makes a Lowkey?

We know that Harvard is full of many different groups, catering to
several different musical tastes and styles of working. Here’s a
short summary of what makes us different:

Since the LowKeys are a younger group, we are very enthused about
all of the amazing things that we get to do, and since we are not set
in our ways, we constantly evolve, in terms of our music choices, and
our stage presence. We really enjoy trying new things, and being
experimental. The LowKeys are also a very tight knit group, and despite
the large time commitment, we end up spending lots of time together
outside of the group, and develop some of our closest relationships
with fellow members. This does not mean that we are a clique: part of
what is fun about the Harvard community is that we get to share our
experiences with several other groups. Also, many members of the
group have other commitments, like sports, theater, or community service
projects, and this is definitely not a problem.

Musically, we are an
eclectic group, and like almost every genre, and really enjoy
experimenting with music that isn’t traditional or “popular.” Most
importantly, this is a group of people that love to sing, and enjoy
being around others that share that passion. If that sounds like you,
definitely come see us!