Mariachi LINKS



Read about Mariachi in the Harvard Crimson:

"A performance of a well-known Ranchera, "Tú, Solo Tú," by Mariachi Veritas, a student band, led the audience to break out into song. .."
(from Crimson article on Presencia Latina)

A follow-up editorial on the same historical event began with:
"The rendition of "Tu, Solo, Tu" performed by Harvard's own Mariachi Veritas that could be heard wafting out of Lowell Lecture Hall
last weekend was not the only beautiful sound emanating from Presencia Latina..."


We have put together some websites that will help you become more familiar with Mariachi Music.

  • México, Música, y Mariachis--created to render tribute to the great mariachis of Mexico and the whole world. Has useful information about history and great groups.
  • Puro Mariachi--has cool links, a Mariachi events calendar, information on groups around the country, conference news, and lots of other fun stuff.
  • Fiesta del Mariachi--another good website with plenty of information on the current Mariachi scene. Also sends out a great newsletter!
  • El Mariachi--Information on groups/artists/songs, has a forum and you can even send an on-line Serenata! Tells you what artists sing what songs and where to buy those CD's.
  • Mariachi: the Spirit of Mexico--information on PBS program on Mariachi.