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Reprint from Splash! Magazine

April 1996

Swurfin' The 'Net

Swimming web sites are showing up like coaches in a hospitality room

By Matt Farrell, USS Communications Coordinator

On the Internet there is one palce for information about Gilligan's Island.

There is one place for information about the Bay City Rollers.

There are two place for information on Ross Perot.

There are hundreds of place for information on swimming.

In the grand scheme of things swimming is a mere microcosm of life, much like Gilligan, Perot, and the Bay City Rollers, but unike these three forgotten icons, swimming is booming business on the Internet. Swimming web sites are showing up like coaches in the hospitality room. A simple search on the Internet for the word "swimming" turns up more than 100 sites, but even that number is misleading.

Hundreds of U.S. Swimming clubs, colleges, Local Swimming Committees and even governing bodies now have web sites. Swimming is even developing its own net language in the form of smiley's. The swimming smiley of 8-) is one of the latest. (For those not versed in smiley's, turn your head sideways to see a smiling swimmer with goggles.)

U.S. Swimming was one of the first national governing bodies to develop a web site with its October of 1995 launch. But now the pages are being overhauled to keep up with changes and improvements of web sites in general. The U.S. Swimming world wide web site (http://www.usswim.org/usswim) is improving daily. It will be the swimming surfer's (swurfer) first stop for swimming information. Some of the highlights of the USS site include:

Olympic Fever

The Latest

Kid Pool

USS Member Information

Cool Stuff

The U.S. Swimming pages will have information for everyone, not to mention one of the most sought after items - meet results. We will have results from Juniors, Nationals and other top meets first!

But U.S. Swimming is just one of hundreds of resources for the swimming enthusiast. For swurfers to cure that swimming fix, check out some of these other top sites that feature swimming information:

Top Swim Spots on the Web

Harvard men's and women's swimming web pages


Harvard swimming is one of the leaders in swimming information on the web. It has the most complete list of links to USS clubs, colleges and meet results. Rick Osterberg, Harvard men's team manager, updates the site frequently and has a grash on what swurfers want. Osterberg attempted the first "televised" meet on the Internet during the Men's Eastern Interscholastic Swim League Championship meet this spring (after Splash! press time). If that idea works, then count on more innovation from Harvard's site in the future.



This USENET newsgroup just keeps on growing and the information gets better. This newsgroup is like a bulletin board, where people can discuss certain topics in swimming. The topics of discussion range from relieving shoulder pain to discussing butterfly rules to finding a place to swim in Aruba. Generally, the attitude is quite friendly, but the ire of some can be raised if the right topics are broached.



FINA Statistician Nick Thierry provides records and world rankings for this site. It is also updated with the latest news in the world of swimming, as well as meet results.

NBC Sports


U.S. Swimming is working in conjunction with NBC Sports to provide information on swimming as part of a multi-sport Olympic site. NBC launched its web site in early 1996. Look for features on Olympic swimmers and other Olympic information.

Other Swimming Sites

Long Distance Calendar



American Swimming Coaches Association

The World of Masters Swimming

Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games

Sydney 2000

This information was taken from Splash! Magazine, Volume 4, Number 2, April 1996, page 17. Splash! Magazine is a publication of United States Swimming.

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