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Ben Spiess will be speaking on Friday, March 18th at 8pm in Emerson Hall 101. His talk, "An Introduction to the Alaskan Range," is about climbing the Southwest Ridge of Peak 11,300 in the Alaska Range near Denali.The climb was a 3-day, 7,000 foot, mixed, alpine climb with 5.8 rock & some steep ice. While there, he also scouted some nearby routes on Mt. Barille and Moose's Tooth in the Ruth Gorge.

Dave Anderson will be speaking on Friday, April 15th at 8pm, location to be announced. His talk, "The Long Walk," recounts how he and some friends traced the amazing journey of Slavomir Rawicz, chronicled in the book The Long Walk. In 1941 Rawicz escaped from a
Soviet labor camp in Siberia with six fellow prisoners. They spent a year walking over 4,000 miles of the most forbidding terrain on Earth, through the desolate Siberian tundra, the great Gobi desert, and over the Himalayas. Rawicz and his compatriots had no map, compass or supplies, only a fierce determination to survive.

Mr. Anderson's presentation examines a part of the world that has gone through a tremendous transformation since Rawicz made his escape. The economic, political, environmental, religious and social character of Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet and India has changed considerably in the last 60 years and he was able to capture many of these changes on film and video. The show is an adventure that brings the past and the present together and gives hope to the future.

Harvard Mountaineering 25: Finally published and mailed! Local members can pick up a copy at any HMC meeting. Life and Alumni members can contact us at with their mailing address.

"Guides": Currently available are Bouldering Boston By Bus and directions to Quincy Quarries and Hammond Pond.


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Forms: Liability Waiver and Medical Form are now required of members. In the event of a medical incident, please use the Injury Form. Trip Plans are available for: Quincy Quarries, Lincoln Woods, Rumney, Pawtuckaway, Cathedral Ledge, Mt. Washington, and Harvard Cabin.
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