The Harvard Mountaineering Club maintains a stock of essential gear for mountaineering, rock climbing and ice climbing. This includes but is not limited to: crampons, boots, ice axes, rock shoes, harnesses, helmets, tents and much more. Read below for our gear checkout policy, as well as a partial inventory of our gear.

For any general questions regarding the gear room, to make a suggestion about new acquisitions or to make a gear donation please contact the Gear Tsars

Gear Checkout Policy
1. All those who borrow gear from the HMC must have the knowledge and experience to correctly use it. The borrower is responsible for evaluating its condition and suitability for use. The gear is loaned “as is.” The HMC is not responsible for equipment failure and does not guarantee any gear. The borrower should obtain instruction in the correct use of this gear before attempting to use it

2. Only the president, vice-president, and gear-tsar(s) may check out gear.

3. All gear should be checked in and out during Thursday meetings, unless a separate time is arranged with the gear tsars.

4. Gear must be returned within 7 days of checkout unless arranged otherwise with the gear tsars, but can be renewed if no one else has requested it.

6. Only members may check out gear.

7. To borrow gear over the summer, contact the gear tsars. Priority generally goes to HMC trips and expeditions.

8. Contact the gear tsar if you would like to make suggestions for gear acquisitions.

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