The HMC maintains a large library of useful and interesting materials ranging from historical periodicals and alpine club journals to modern guidebooks and novels.

A portion of our collection is available to borrow. In addition to all post-1970 guidebooks, some of the books, such as following titles among others may be checked out during our regular meetings:

Conrad Anker and David Roberts: The Lost Explorer
Felice Benuzzi: No Picnic on Mount Kenya
Rebecca A. Brown: Women on High
René Daumal: Mount Analogue
Art Davidson: Minus 148°
Wade Davis: Into the Silence
John Scott Douglas: Summits of Adventure
Maurice Herzog: Annapurna
Lynn Hill: Climbing Free
Steve House and Scott Johnston: Training for the New Alpinism
W.R. Irwin, ed: Challenge – An Anthology of the Literature of Mountaineering
Jon Krakauer: Eiger Dreams
Jon Krakauer: Into Thin Air
Laurence Larmer: Ascent
John Long: Rock Jocks, Wall Rats, and Hang Dogs
Bernadette McDonald: Freedom Climbers
Reinhold Messner: The Crystal Horizon
Tom Patey: One Man’s Mountains
Jim Perrin: On and Off the Rocks
William Lowell Putnam: Green Cognac
Gaston Rébuffat: Starlight and Storm
Gerry Roach: Transcendent Summits
David Roberts: True Summit
David Roberts: On the Ridge between Life and Death
David Roberts: Escape from Lucania
David Roberts: The Mountain of my Fear & Deborah
Robert Roper: Fatal Mountaineer
Peter Shelton: Climb to Conquer
John Sherman: Sherman Exposed
Lionel Terray: Conquistadors of the Useless
Mark F. Twight and James Martin: Extreme Alpinism
Miriam Underhill: Give Me the Hills
Ed Viesturs with David Roberts: The Mountain
Ed Viesturs: No Shortcuts to the Top
Bradford Washburn: Washburn
Bradford Washburn: An Extraordinary Life
Peter Zuckerman and Amanda Padoan: Buried in the Sky

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