There are 3 types of members: Current, Life, and Alumni.

If you’d like to join our alumni database, please fill out the form here

Current membership is open to everyone and provides free access to our our great climbing camaraderie, our vast gear collection, access to personal gear sponsorships and deals, historic library, trip grants, subsidized training workshops, and access to various events throughout the year. Cost is $20 per year. Please email the treasurer for any financial aid inquiries.

Life members are provided the same benefits as current members for life, as well as free copies of our journal, Harvard Mountaineering. In addition, life members receive mailed invitations to certain events such as the annual banquet. Life members also have access to an exclusive mailing list for special club updates. Cost is $500 for life, with a $250 discount for current students.

Alumni members may subscribe to an alumni-specific email list to stay up-to-date with club activities. This is a very low traffic mailing list that provides only sparse  updates on events such as journal publications, the banquet, and changes in club policy, and unlike the mountain-list, will provide no updates on weekly meetings, climbing trips, etc.  Subscription is free, you may sign up here.



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