Jack Lawlor

A Granite Stater, Jack enjoys hiking and climbing of all varieties in the White Mountains and beyond, especially when there are cold temperatures and ice involved. He also spends a decent amount of time stopping to look at the arctic flora that populate New England’s peaks, driving embarrassing distances to chase rare bird reports, and being a terribly unskilled fly fisherman. Jack is class of 2022 in Currier House, and is currently attempting to write his Integrative Biology thesis about chicken esophagus development.

Vice President

Serena Wurmser

Class of 2023, Astrophysics & Earth and Planetary Sciences joint concentration. Serena loves everything outdoor related, including hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and wandering around new places. To be honest, mostly in it for the wandering part.


Elissa Taylor

From the Rockies of western Montana, Elissa loves walking, mountaineering, and climbing anything from rock to plastic to ice to trees. Her current favorites are outdoor sport and bouldering, but she’s hoping to expand into trad. A senior in Cabot House, she’s studying Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, and ultimately hopes to attend vet school and go into species conservation. Or maybe just become a traveling pet groomer.


Chris Partridge

Class of 2024 in Pfohorzeimer House, studying Computer Science. Chris was born in California but grew up in New England, spending time in the White Mountains. He began climbing competitively at 11 and made the U.S. team at SCS Nationals in 2013, spending vacations driving anywhere from the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, to Red Rocks, Nevada. He quickly found skiing was better closer to where he was born, but still enjoys the northern slopes of many mountains in Maine and NH. When closer to sea level, Chris loves to play guitar, sail his sunfish, and visit Wellfleet, Cape Cod for the seafood and shark encounters.

EDI Co-Chair

Rose Hofstedt

Class of 2022, studying computer science but secretly pre-med, Rose loves hiking, swimming, and climbing. Rose grew up in many different states, but always loved being outdoors, whether on horseback, on foot, or in the water. Skiing is the next activity on her list to learn. Making the outdoors more accessible and inclusive is incredibly important to her, from beaches to mountain tops.

EDI Co-Chair

Mike Adler

Mike is a graduate student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, pursuing a master’s degree in Human Development and Education. He has been working in outdoor education for the last seven years. His best days outside are when he can teach someone new skills to promote their own independence and comfort. In his studies at Harvard, he intends to inform his practice in outdoor education with evidence theory that informs positive development for adolescents and young adults; supports mental, emotional, and social wellness; and centers identity development.

Co-Gear Tsar

Paul Georgoulis

Class of 2021 in Leverett House, studying Music and History & Literature. Paul grew up in the Kansas City area, and even though there might not be much to summit on the prairie, he discovered his love of backpacking and mountaineering during summers in Colorado and New Mexico. When he’s not in the mountains, Paul likes to run, swim, and play the organ.

Co-Gear Tsar

Joe Janssen



Divya Navani

Class of 2024, studying Government and Film Production. Having grown up in The Florida Keys, Divya is most excited to trade in her days kayaking, snorkeling, and suntanning for nights hiking, climbing, and skiing. When she’s not actively trying to get over her fear of heights via climbing mountains, you can find Divya exploring the streets of New England taking photos of everything in sight.

Cabin Liaison

Alec Kennison

From the heart of Texas, Alec grew up hiking the many large hills and rivers of the picturesque hill country. Since joining HMC, he’ll come to tell you how more mountain activities he has gotten to experience – ice climbing, touching snow, and outdoor rock climbing to name a few. When away from the mountains, Alec enjoys casual storm-chasing, beach walking at sunset, and cooking up a mean dish of Peruvian Ceviche. Class of 2022 in Adams studying Social Studies, he’ll talk to you about the perils of a thesis and the joys of dorm-to-Jefe’s proximity.

Apprentice Cabin Liaison

Annie Harris

Annie is an undergraduate student at Harvard Extension School studying psychology. She found her love of the mountains on an 11-day trek through the Adirondack Mountains. As of now, she mostly enjoys exploring the White Mountains in New Hampshire and swimming in every body of water she can find. She also loves snowboarding and aims to one day shred the slopes without falling once. The great outdoors truly are great but her favorite thing about it is spending time with friends and family.

Graduate Liaison

Larissa Zhou

Larissa is a 4th year PhD student in mechanical engineering at Harvard. Her work focuses on how to feed humans in space. She comes from Qingdao, China and fell in love with climbing while living in Seattle. Her favorite type of climbing is trad climbing and cracks. One day she’d love to climb the Lotus Flower Tower!
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