Audition Times

Welcome Class of 2020!  Auditions for the Fall 2016 concert cycle will take place on Sunday September 6th, in room G20 in the Music Building. All interested, from all classes, are welcome to audition! If you are interested in auditioning, please fill out the form here. We will send out a poll for audition times on Friday evening. If you have any questions about the orchestra or the audition process, please e-mail

Audition Requirements

  • A solo work or two solo works of your choice, total FIVE to SEVEN minutes. This could be a part of a concerto, sonata, or a solo passage from a major orchestral work.  Two contrasting excerpts are preferred (can be from the same work as long as they differ in tempi, mood, etc.), but not required.  No scales, no sight-reading, and no memorization are required!

MSO holds auditions at beginning of the fall semester and again at the beginning of spring semester. Auditions are open to all musicians in the Harvard community.

New members wishing to join the orchestra will have auditions in the Music Building. Returning players do not have to re-audition every year once they are accepted.

Audition Info for the Day Of

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled audition time and check in at the MSO table in the basement of the Music Building room G20. There will be practice rooms reserved for auditionees to warm up beforehand but feel free to sign up for your own practice room in the music building. To find the room, follow signs down the stairs to the practice rooms.