Write for the Harvard Ichthus!

They are looking for several types of stories:

--Front section pieces. These are short-- about 800 to 1000 words-- and
usually deal with some hot-button topic. For instance, this time, we had
columns on stem-cell research, politics, and homosexuality.
Contact Grace Tiao at gtiao@fas.

--Features section pieces. These are long buggers, and require a serious
investment of time and effort. They can be on nearly anything, as long as
they're in some way about or related to Christianity. This issue, we had
three pieces-- one on Dostoevsky's novel "Notes from Underground," one on
vocation, and one by Rev. Gomes on the seven last words of Christ.
Contact me, Jordan, at hylden@fas.

--Reviews. These are short, like the front section-- 800 to 1000 words,
although they can go a little bit longer. They can be on books, movies,
artwork, music, etc. They don't have to be about specifically Christian
works-- for instance, this issue we reviewed Kanye West's new CD and the
movie Garden State. They can be about a specifically Christian work, but
either way, they have to be done from a Christian perspective. You can
choose anything you want, but I do have some suggestions:

"I Am Charlotte Simmons," by Tom Wolfe
"Colossus," by Niall Ferguson
"Who Are We?" by Samuel Huntington
"The Twilight of Atheism," by Alister MacGrath
"Gilead," by Marilynne Robinson
"On Paradise Drive," by David Brooks
Retrospective of Czeslaw Milosz
"Chronicles of Life and Death," Good Charlotte
"Good News for People Who Love Bad News," Modest Mouse
"A Ghost is Born," Wilco
"Fallen," Evanescence
"The Beautiful Letdown," Switchfoot
"How to... Atomic Bomb," U2
"The Battle for Everything," Five for Fighting
Retrospective of Johnny Cash
Retrospective of Ray Charles
"Saved," the movie
"The Incredibles"
and so on, and so forth...
Contact Jacob Bryant, jlbryant@fas.

--Fiction and poetry. We need one short story and a few poems. Don't be
afraid-- you can write! Contact Jordan Teti at jteti@fas.

--Endpaper. This is short; about 700 words, and is a personal anecdote
about faith. Anna Bingham wrote a truly wonderful one for our latest
issue-- if you want an example, just read hers. Contact Grace Tiao at



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