Examples of Past Harvard OCF Events

Thursday, Feb 17th, 7-8pm - Freshman Advising/Ice Cream Bash
Are you confused about "blocking?" Do you have questions about choosing a concentration? Are you a little bit overwhelmed by life? Searching for a solid community in which to worship?

Well, we have something in store for you all!

Come to Loker Thursday, February 17 at 7:00 for ice cream, support from upperclassmen who have the answers, and, of course, fellow freshman!

This will be a very informal question/answer session for you to ask the questions for which you've been seeking answers. Don't be bothered by these questions any longer! Come and leave the frustration behind!

Sponsored by: Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Fellowship, Christian Impact, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Asian Baptist Student Koinonia. We are here to support you!

Please email Susie Skoda, skoda@fas.harvard.edu, if you have questions.

Thursday, Oct 28th, 7-8pm 2004 Election Discussion :
Meeting in the Mather House Tranquility Room to discuss the 2004 Election!

Sunday, Oct 24, 5-9:30pm - Orthodox Monastacism and Intimate Relationships
At Hellenic College/Holy Cross Seminary, 50 Goddard Ave., Brookline.
5 p.m. Vespers - Supplication Service in Chapel
6      Dinner in cafeteria
7      Welcome and Presentation in Library Reading Room
8:30 p.m. Dialogue, Discussion and Fellowship
9 - 9:30 Prayer and dismissal.

For more information, click here for a pdf flier

Thursday, Nov 18- Thanksgiving Divine Liturgy and Dinner
5  P.M. Divine Liturgy with His Eminence, Metropolitan Methodios
6 - 6:30 Full course Thanksgiving Dinner.
Dialogue and Fellowship.

Discussion on Orthodox-Catholic Relations. Suggested Readings:

Discussion on Fasting. Suggested Readings:

Past Meeting Locations:

Directions to Adams House Brower Room:
Enter Adams House through C-entry on Plympton Street. After you enter, turn right and the Brower Room will be on your left across from the mailboxes. For a map to Adams House, click here.

Directions to the Adams House Upper Common Room:
To get to the Adams Upper Common Room, enter Adams House via the C-entry on Plympton Street. Turn left into the Gold Room. Note the large ornate staircase. Go up it all the way and enter the top brown door for OCF fun. For a map to Adams House, click here.

Directions to Adams House Conservatory:
Enter Adams House C-entry (the Dining Hall entry) on Plympton Street. After you enter, turn left and go into the Gold Room. The Conservatory, on the right, is the glass room filled with plants. For a map to Adams House, click here.



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