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Harvard Business School chamber organ

'back' side


carving on 


Left side:
Octave 2' Bass
Blockflöte 4' Bass
Gedackt 8'
Right side:
Octave 2' Treble
Blockflöte 4' Treble

This chamber organ was build by Taylor & Boody of Staunton, Virginia. The two stops on the right side control the upper half of the keyboard, while each of the stops on the left side controls the entire keyboard (overriding the two right hand stops when necessary), despite the labeling on the Octave and Blockflöte. This modification was made to allow for the rapid change of stops between or within pieces. This chamber organ is property of the Harvard Business School.

Divinity Hall Organ

Front of 
the divinity organ

Side of the 
divinity organ


Left side:
Sw Salicional 8' (lowest octave not present)
Sw Stopped Diapason Treble 8'(lowest octave not present)
Sw Stopped Diapason Bass 8'(contains only the notes of the lowest octave)
Sw Flute Harmonique 4' (complete)
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Swell to Great

Right side:
Gr Octave 4' (complete)
Gr Stopped Diapason Bass 8' (contains only the notes of the lowest octave)
Gr Melodia Treble 8' (lowest octave not present)
Gr Dolce 8' (lowest octave not present)
Gr Open Diapason 8'(complete)
Ped Bourdon 16'
Blower's signal

This is a two manual Geo. S. Hutchins & Co., Boston with a flat pedalboard that reaches from CC to D. The swell box is controlled by a stylized metal foot pedal located to the right of the pedal board. Two pistons can be activated by pressing a metal lever which then catches in a groove. There is a working indicator that tells the amount of air remaining. The ON/OFF switch is located to the right of the console. The manuals are five octaves wide, reaching from C to c'''. The organ can be found on the third floor of Divinity Hall in a small chapel.

Andover Hall Organ

Hall Organ

This Silbermann-style organ was built over the space of a weekend in 1984 'by a committee' that included Bennett, Way, Randall, Kieser, Kenny, Carson, Hightshoe, Brissor, Meisel, (illegible), Muellner, Sykes, and Huntington. The signatures of the builders can be found on the side of the organ. It is located in the Andover Chapel of the Harvard Divinity School, 45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge.

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