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Are you a natural listener?
Are you comfortable discussing sensitive issues such as contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexuality?
You may have what it takes to be a Peer Contraceptive Counselor.
Comments by PCC counselors:


“Although you have a lot of responsibility, I thoroughly enjoyed my PCC experience.”
“PCC takes an especially fun approach to its especially difficult subject matter.”

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive training in contraception, STDs, relationships, and sexual orientation. Although medical information, this knowledge is relevant for everyone, regardless of sexual background, orientation, and perceptions.
  • Non-directive counseling. You will develop sophisticated listening and advising skills as a PCC counselor that are directly relevant to your personal and professional relationships.
  • Public speaking experience. You can do anything after you’ve learned to handle Woody the Wooden Penis.
  • Access to counseling resources, including fellow counselors and UHS staff.
  • Gain experience working with people in a professional manner that can later be applied to almost any career, including medicine, law, or business.

How to interview:

Full time Harvard College students are invited email us at for inquiries. A counselor will contact you within a few days to schedule an interview. We will typically interview candidates towards the end of the semester. Every candidate is interviewed twice during PCC office hours.

Interviewing tips:

  • RELAX RELAX RELAX. It’s just a conversation so that we can get to know you and you can get to know us.
  • We will simulate a counseling scenario so that you can get a feel for our duties. Follow your instincts — don’t try to think through the scenario too much or say the right thing. Just be yourself. There are no right or wrong answers.
  • Pay attention to the feedback that your interviewer gives you. We don’t expect interviewees to be perfect counselors. We are trying to gauge how well interviewees function after training.
  • There is no perfect PCC type. Most importantly, we want our group to reflect the diversity of the Harvard community.


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