For those of you who haven’t been to our events yet, the Physics Journal Table, founded last fall, is sponsored by the Harvard Physics Department and the Harvard-Radcliffe Society for Physics Students (SPS). The table meets biweekly over dinner to discuss the latest  physics research, introduce students to a wide range of physics topics and to hear presentations mostly by undergraduate students, and occasionally by graduate students, faculty, and others. All students, regardless of preparation or concentration, are welcome to attend, discuss, and present; we aim to make it a fun, laid-back learning and social experience. Last semester we had Christian Anderson presenting “measuring and manipulating individual quantum system” and Jo Behrman presenting “Marie Curie is haunting you: Women in Physics”.

Topics so far:

  • Marie Curie is Haunting You: or, Why Aren’t There More Women in Physics? (Joanna Behrman)
  • 2012 Physics Nobel Prize: Measuring and Manipulating Individual Quantum Systems (Christian Anderson)
If you are interested in presenting sometime this semester, by all means please let us know (SIGN UP HERE). To present, don’t worry if you are not an expert in the field; all physics, applied physics, astrophysics, biophysics and other physical science topics are welcomed.


To help you brainstorm, we provide a list of cool topics you may consider:
  • Quantum gas goes below absolute zero (link) - ABSOLUTE MUST!
  • Large Hadron Collider (it’s still running? jk)
    • blow to Supersymmetry (link)
    • New type of matter (link)
  • Graphene (ex. link) – there is so much hype going on around graphene in the physics world, so it would be great if someone could do an overview/summary of graphene.
  • LED’s efficiency exceeds 100% (link)
  • Tractor beam (link) – another catchy title
  • Laser cooling of a semiconductor by 40K (link)
  • Nuclear fusion (ex. link)
  • layman string theory introduction
  • Solar physics: The planetary hypothesis revived (link)
  • or it can be ANYTHING: your research project/ some physics topic you are very enthusiastic about

Contact: Lili (lilijiang@college) or Sam (samuelkim@college)