What We Do

  • We host informal lunches with the weekly colloquia speakers (Mondays, noon, Jefferson 251).
  • We have a mailing list which advertises lots of other goodies. The address for the official mailing list is sps-list@hcs. You can subscribe to the list and view its archives online. We also have a more informal, discussion-based mailing list, sps-open@hcs. You can subscribe to sps-open here. We recommend subscribing to both to receive information about all upcoming events and other announcements.
  • You can also keep abreast of upcoming events and keep in touch through our Facebook Page
  • We organize occasional Cool Physics talks given by undergraduates. If you’re interested in giving a talk, please email your favorite SPS officer (listed on the right).

We also…

  • … have liquid nitrogen parties! (We call them ….Partycles…)
    • … have movie nights! Often with pizza, and always fun!
      • … hold afternoon teas for the undergraduate women!
      • … send a delegation to the Ig Nobel Prizes every year.
      • … publish the SPS Guide to Physics at Harvard.
      • … have a Buddy System to help out underclassmen.
      • … help students find out about Research Opportunities.
      • … challenge other groups to vicious games of ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, or poker. We crush all who stand in our path.
      • … offer tutorials on such subjects as LaTeX and graduate school admissions.
      • … serve as a general liaison between undergraduates and the Department.