Meeting Minutes: January 11, 2001

Society of Physics Students
Meeting Minutes for January 11, 2001
Adams House Small Dining Room

Present: Dave Freeman, Zack Subin, Andrew Goldstone, Brian White,
Jenny Pegg, Philip “Pre-Med” Zeyliger, Tamara Mittman, Nilah
Monnier, Bill Zaientz, Christina Mulligan, Scott Worsley, Tad
Warshaw, Alexey Gorshkov.
Late Arrivals: Andy Cotton, Ruth Murray, Ben Krefetz.

-2. A quorum was reached.

-1. The meeting endorsed the Taylor series.

0. The meeting was called to order.

1. Christina proposed an experiment. Her proposition involved
throwing a party with O’Douls (i.e. nonalcoholic beer) replacing
the alcohol normally present, and not telling the attendees of that
party, in order to test the so-called “placebo effect” in a more
entertaining manner.

2. Can Zack make a hypothesis?

3. “If people come to a party expecting to behave in one way, and
it is socially acceptable to behave that way, than in future
situations it would seem logical for them to behave in that manner,
insofar as their previous experience has prepared them, although
it is important to note…”

4. The answer to (2) was shown to be “yes”.

5. Jenny’s mutant white carrot was discussed.
5a. Show and Tell time ensued.
6. The bashing of Lisa for being in New Orleans rather than at
SPS was discussed.

(n.b. lisa’s thoughts were with sps despite her non-presence. She
discussed sps with some visitors to her research poster at the
conference in new orleans. Some of them had even been to the sps website.)

7. SPS unofficially endorsed the Celtic orgy.

8. Scott’s impressive ice bifurcation stunt was discussed.

9. Scott agreed to chiding Scott for bad puns.

10. <empty set>

11. Christina declared herself Queen of SPS.

12. Phil was declared Court Jester.

13. Jenny was declared Head Chamberlain.

14. The optimal table shape for an SPS meeting was discussed.
Mathematical modeling may follow.

15. Tamara said a “formal adieu”.

16. The existence of Harpaul was questioned.

17. [gratuitously stricken]

18. Following from 16, the Quad, as Harpaul’s residence, was also
found not to exist.

19. The limit of the distance to the Quad goes to infinity as
Harpaul ceases to exist.

20. Ben took the name of Harpaul in vain.

21. If Harpaul did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.

22. Christina announced that she was no longer wearing shoes.

23. Phil objected that he’s not in the minutes enough.

24. Phil said, “Don’t hit me because I’m beautiful”, in a shameless
ploy to get into the minutes.

25. Christina stole the minutes.
25a. Genevieve reclaimed the minutes.

26. It was noted how truly “quality” this meeting was, despite
Lisa’s non-attendance.

(n.b. thanks. )

27.34823 Phil attempted to sabotage the minutes, in a shameless
ploy to get into the minutes.

29. Lack of observation made the meeting dissolve into indeterminacy
and chaos.