Meeting Minutes Research Roundtable (30/1/2013)

After a truly breathtaking introduction from yours truly, the good people of SPS are speechless, leaving us to begin the

SPS Research Roundtable 2013

REUs, or Research Experiences for Undergraduates – refers to the NSF “brand name”
Can search for REUs by location, type, etc, at the NSF website
All over the United States
Being from Harvard might help, but might not. Different REUs will accept based on different criteria.
Pay – $3000 to $4000 in addition to housing and food. Usually about 8-10 weeks, starting in early-mid June
Apply to 5-10, and have a backup – study abroad (not even necessarily research!), and in the end Harvard should be your final backup.
International “REU” program in Germany – Ruhr Fellowship and RISE – Research Internships in Science and Engineering
and Israel – Weizmann Institute (CS, math, physics)
Unfortunately Ruhr, RISE, and Weizmann deadlines have passed. Try next year!
Also nanotech (in the US) in some places
Also Doyle does Japan
International programs want to hear that you’re not going to go wild, like a certain member of the round table.
Harvard – can get around $4000 (but that money needs to go to housing and food as well). They’ll probably want to you work at least 6 or 8 weeks so you can get into your project.
Nikko “Prompt Service” Pomata ’13
SPS Secretary and/or Treasurer
Paraphrased or anonymous -DJM