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Peter's Storage Space

Here you can find various photos, projects, thoughts, etc.

Peter's Curriculum Vitae

My CV in HTML format

Peter's Undergraduate Honors Thesis

One of my requirements for a Neurobiology Bachelors from Harvard was to write an Undergraduate Honors Thesis. I did the work at the NIH, ran my analysis in MatLab, and wrote the thesis in LaTeX2ε. I received a grade of Cum Laude for my work on Event-Related Potentials and Endogenous Temporal Pulse. The version available here is the same as what I turned in to the Biology department except that I added some of my Matlab code in Appendix A and I corrected a few minor typographical errors.

Thesis Adobe PDF file (1.17MB)
Sorry, but common zip utilities (WinZip, GZip) are unable to get this below 1MB.

Writing Samples

Since I have my CV and Neurobio thesis as well as samples of my computer code posted, I decided I should also include some examples of literary papers I'm proud of. I guess despite being a confirmed science dork, I still have delusions of being able to write the occasional passable piece of literary criticism. The only paper that jumps to mind so far as something that I think is pretty good, and an entertaining read, is this one, on Pushkin's short novel The Queen of Spades. I wrote the essay for a "Russian Psychological Fiction" class in the fall of 2001 and recently submitted as a writing sample for a tutoring job.

Google Maps

I did a little hacking with the Google Maps API and put a couple up some maps of my recent bike rides. I'll put up some tips on how to get route polylines on to the maps soon, but basically my method is pretty manual.

Various Code Libraries for the Public Domain

You can download the full MatLab 5.3 libraries I used for most of my thesis analysis, as well as libraries from a few other programming projects, from my code page. If you're planning on using my code please let me know, but otherwise feel free to distribute it. If you modify my functions, please make a note so that I am not held responsible for code I didn't write. If you improve my functions, send me a copy!


A few photos that I've managed to get uploaded. I'll update this as time allows.

Upload Pictures

Contribute to the dorkdom: I've set up a form to allow submission of pictures to my website. Please upload responsibly or you will be banned.

Note: I had to put some access control on the upload section of the site to stop web crawlers from uploading random (and I mean really random) pictures. Of course, if the weird pictures keep showing up now, I guess it means one of you freaks really was putting them there...
Anyway, the username is "user" and the password is my middle name (all lowercase).

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