Search here to find the contact information for your Senator, then send them a short message saying that you support open access to federally-funded research. You can use the form letter below:

Dear X,

My tax dollars pay for 60% of basic scientific research, yet I can freely access only 10% of published scientific articles. The Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act would ensure that federally-funded research is broadly disseminated to other scientists, maximizing the rate of technological innovation and progress. FASTR would also ensure that I can access the results that I have, in part, already paid for.

If you don’t believe me, believe 52 Nobel laureates when they say,  “Broad dissemination of research results is fundamental to the advancement of knowledge. For America to obtain an optimal return on our investment in science, publicly funded research must be shared as broadly as possible.”


Sarah Douglas
1 Elm St.
Cambridge, MA  02138