If you are a graduate student or post-doc with a unique perspective that relates your work to current policy issues, we want to hear from you.

How does the sequester impact the funding of your project? or your decision to pursue academia?

What are some widespread misconceptions about your field?

Is there a piece of legislature under debate and related to your research which you feel strongly about?



We publish short (usually <800 words) editorial pieces and/or graphic content.

Content should be directed at a well-informed lay audience and use non-technical language. Can your mom/boyfriend/wife/dog understand it? OK good.

Authors should relate their personal experiences or expert knowledge of their field to a policy issue of interest to the general public. We want to hear your voice, so feel free to add first person accounts of your research experience.

Topics will include, but are not limited to: Climate change, energy sustainability, economic growth through scientific innovation, health and nutrition, science education, and funding of research.



Please send your submissions to policylab [at] hcs.harvard.edu.

We accept submissions on an ongoing basis and an editor will contact you within a week.



Preference will be given to:

Engaging pieces. If you’re witty, great. (But don’t try to be if you’re not.)

Timely issues. If your work is not time sensitive, we might hold-on to it and, with your permission, publish it at a later date.

A unique or controversial perspective. If we don’t agree but you can support it, go for it. This is your opinion, not that of the editorial staff.

If you’d like us to hyperlink to more technical information, please provide us with the links and indicate where to imbed them within the text.

You may also provide information on how to act on behalf of a particular cause so that we can link to that as well.


We look forward to hearing from you!