Sarah Douglas, Co-founder and Senior Editor, is a PhD student at Harvard University who studies the evolution of social behavior in bacteria. After finishing her dissertation, she plans on pursuing policy efforts to improve scientific literacy in the US, whether it be through top-down educational programs or effective scientific communication. Sarah is currently training for her 11th marathon as an excuse to be lazy in all other aspects of life, especially when confronted with stairs.



Erin May, Co-founder and Senior Editor, studies next-generation therapeutics and is a PhD candidate at Harvard University. She’s interested in solutions towards a difficult-to-achieve middle ground: Policies which enable patients to access both information and therapies, but which maintain reasonable incentives for innovation in the private sector. When not lab-ing or blogging, Erin enjoys trash talking on the volleyball court, and sometimes she even plays.



Sarah Rugheimer, Director of Communications and Senior Editor, is a PhD student in Astronomy & Astrophysics at Harvard University. She models climate and photochemistry on extrasolar planets and how we could remotely detect biomarkers, indirect evidence of life, in the atmospheres on these far away planets by measuring their spectra. Sarah’s passion for science policy and scientific literacy stems from her belief that ultimately a scientifically literate and well-educated and informed public is the only constructive path forward to the problems facing our globe. In her free time, Sarah climbs mountains, writes fiction, and does Irish and Ballroom dance.



Nicole Joy Espy, Director of Finance and Editor, is a PhD student at Harvard University and the Harvard School of Public Health. Nicole studies the structural biology of HIV. After receiving her PhD, she hopes to pursue a career that influences how global clinical trials and public health interventions are implemented. She also uses her PhD studies as an excuse for watching way too much reality TV (is there any other reason to get a PhD?).




Archana Dayalu, Editor, is a PhD student at Harvard University studying atmospheric chemistry and climate change. Archana’s ultimate motivation is applying science  to motivate social change that improves our relationship with the natural world. Archana is a self-proclaimed hobbit with Tookish tendencies: if she isn’t on a strange adventure you’ll probably find her tucking into her second breakfast. Elevenses, anyone?




Jason Munster, Editor, is pursuing his PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Harvard, where he studies atmospheric chemistry and climate change. Jason is also a resident tutor at Mather House at Harvard. His graduation plans hinge on getting a PMF or AAAS fellowship to get involved with science policy at the national level. Failing this, he will stay in his PhD program and Mather House forever. In his spare time, Jason motorcycles, kayaks, and plays rugby with HBSRFC.




 Linsey Gani, MD, Editor, comes to us from Indonesia by way of Australia, where she is an Endocrinology Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. She is currently working towards an MPH at the Harvard School of Public Health. Linsey seeks to explore solutions that narrow the gap between clinical medicine and effective health care implementation. She is also a advocate of the controversial “three food group diet,” consisting of peanut butter, jam, and Nutella.




Doug Cheung, Editor, is a Masters student in Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health. He studies HIV in developing countries and aspires to be a voice for marginalized communities affected by HIV/AIDS. He suffers from multiple addictions such as Netflix, coffee, and online shopping, but is on the path to quitting bacon for good. Stay strong, Doug!