"The Asian American Association's constitution states that the "AAA recognizes the existence of many injustices and inequalities in this society against Asian Americans, other minorities, and women, and firmly supports actions to correct such situations." In agreement with this, and as part of the Harvard community, the steering committee of AAA supports a living wage for Harvard workers in an effort to help relieve these inequalities.

We appreciate the efforts of the PSLM to bring the living wage issue to the campus' attention, as well as the efforts of the University administration to implement the plan of the ad-hoc committee formed to address this issue. Amidst the many arguments, our steering committee finds it difficult to assess and agree upon the real impact of all these efforts on workers lives. AAA itself has a history of protest; however, protest should encourage discussion and communication. We strongly urge the PSLM and the University administration to re-open communication and negotiate the issue of a living wage in accordance with both parties' and AAA's shared concern for the workers in our community."

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