contacting administrators

  • contact info:

    Jeremy Knowles, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences; phone: 617-495-1566; fax: 617-495-8208; email:

    Neil Rudenstine, President; phone: (617) 495-1502; fax:(617) 495-1502; email:

    Harvey Fineberg, Provost; phone:(617) 496-5100; fax: (617) 496-4630; email:

    Sally Zeckhauser, VP for Administration; phone: (617) 495-1512; fax: (617) 496-6109; email:

    Harry Lewis, Dean of Harvard College; phone: 617-495-1555; fax: 617-496-8268; email:

    Robert C. Clark, Dean of Harvard Law School; phone: 617-495-4601; fax: 617-495-5115; email:

    Polly Price, Associate VP for Human Resources; phone: (617) 496-3930; fax: (617) 495-8937; email:

    note: all refusals do donate until living wage should be cc'd to:
    Tom Reardon, VP for Alumni Affairs; phone (617)-495-1507; email:

  • sample letter:

    Dear ,

    I am a Harvard alumna/alumnus writing to demand that Harvard grant a living wage. I urge you to pay all of your employees - both direct and subcontracted -- a living wage of at least $10.68/hr plus benefits. Harvard University would not be able to operate without its workers. Currently, many of these workers live below the poverty line, and must work outrageous hours in order to make ends meet. This is blatantly unjust.

    You must also honor the protesters' additional demands for fair working condition both at home and abroad, and join the Workers' Rights Consortium. Only by doing so will the University truly uphold the Code of Conduct that it has already passed.

    I ask that you negotiate with students who are currently taking action on this issue. They are, in fact, pursuing what I can only assume are values cherished by Harvard. They are thinking critically about issues of pressing social concern and taking action on their principles.

    I am witholding further contributions to Harvard until Harvard implements a living wage for all of its workers, including casual and subcontracted workers.


    [class of '??]

  • one last thing

    If you want us to put your letter on our webpage, please cc a copy to