Actors Seek Harvard Wage Hike

The Associated Press
Saturday, May 6, 2000; 5:41 p.m. EDT

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Native sons Ben Affleck and Matt Damon added celebrity power to a rally Saturday urging Harvard University to raise the minimum wage for its employees to $10.25.

The City Council's "Harvard Living Wage" campaign is the latest showdown between the wealthy, elite university and a city so liberal its nickname is "The People's Republic of Cambridge."

The Ivy League vs. The Little Guy was the theme of Affleck and Damon's film "Good Will Hunting," which drew on their childhood. Affleck's parents worked at Harvard, while Damon attended Harvard but dropped out and both went to the un-elite public Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.

"Make this school a place where you don't have to avert your eyes in shame when you encounter a janitor in the hallway," said Affleck, whose father was, in fact, a janitor and whose stepmother was a cleaning woman.