The BGLTSA Board has voted to endorse the Progressive Student Labor Movement's actions in favor of a living wage.

PSLM's struggle for a living wage for Harvard's employees is fully in accord with the BGLTSA's interest in social justice. We are an organization dedicated to respecting human dignity and eliminating all forms of oppression. An unaccountable University is a threat to all the communities it affects; thus, the BGLTSA strongly supports PSLM's attempts to encourage the administration to negotiate a solution.

PSLM has always been a strong supporter of the BGLTSA. The Progressive Student Labor Movement has co-sponsored two of our biggest events this year, and members of PSLM have been instrumental participants in the BGLTSA's political committee. We have cooperated in researching the linkages between sexual orientation and employment discrimination, and we hope to continue this relationship by campaigning to have gender identity included in the University's non-discrimination policy. It is in this spirit that we are happy to support PSLM's most recent effort.

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