The Harvard Living Wage Campaign

Supporting Information






Part I: The Necessity and Feasibility of a Living Wage Policy

A Living Wage as a Moral and Social Issue

Low-Wage Labor At Harvard

The Spread of Low-Wage Labor: Harvardís Drive to Subcontract

Can Harvard Afford to Pay a Living Wage?

Why $10.25 Per Hour?

Why The Addition (And Not Substitution) of Benefits?

Covering Subcontracted Workers

The Role of Unions

The Economic Effects of a Living Wage Policy: What Economic Theory Suggests About a Living Wage Policy


Part II: The Problems With Harvardís "Solution"

Background on Harvardís Reforms

Summary of Harvardís Reforms

Analysis and Critique of Harvardís Reforms

Current Implementation Problems


Part III: Six Workersí Views

Tony, Book Stockroom Employee

Shaun, Security Guard

Antonio, Dishwasher

Louis, Mail Room Employee

David, Museum Guard

Neil, Law School Custodian