Day 1

INSIDE THE BUILDING: Yesterday, 46 members of the Living Wage Campaign entered Massachusetts Hall and began sitting in for a living wage. They secured one office, the conference room, the foyer, and the hallway. Top administrators vacated the building within two hours of the sit-in.

Police spent the day attempting to control the protesters by slowly encroaching on their territory and restricting their movements, such as not allowing them to use the bathroom, but every time the protesters retaliated with spirited chanting, singing, and demands to act humanely and fairly. Through these tactics and with the help of the outside team, they were able to maintain their positions and be able to freely move to the bathroom. THIS IS NOW BEING JEAPRODIZED.

OUTSIDE THE BUILDING: Throughout the day, up to 150 supporters gathered around Massachusetts Hall, chanting, picketing, and singing, and demanding that the administration negotiate with the protesters. Harvard workers from a number of different unions marched and spoke on behalf of the protesters, including carpenters from locals 40 and 41, SEIU janitors, members of the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW), and Harvard Dining Services employees from HERE.

At 7 PM a panel of students, clergy members, academics, and Harvard janitors spoke about the necessity of a living wage. At 9 PM Harvard Dining Services workers marched to Mass Hall chanting to deliver pizzas to the protestors. Police attempted to block the delivery, but the workers prevailed and protesters and dining hall staff greeted each other by name and with supportive yells. In the evening a vigil was held, and supporters took shifts through the night to support those sitting in when police attempted to encroach on their positions.

We appreciate all the support we've gotten this far. Keep it up! Harvard Living Wage Campaign