President Neil Rudenstine
Provost Harvey Fineberg
Harvard University
Massachusetts Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138

Dear President Rudenstine and Provost Fineberg:

We, the undersigned faculty members, stand in strong support of the Harvard Living Wage Campaign. We agree that a $10/hour living wage should be granted to all employees and subcontracted employees of Harvard University. In light of the imminent passage of a $10/hour living wage ordinance by the City of Cambridge and the recent implementation of living wage policies in cities around the country, we feel Harvard must recognize the importance of paying its employees above poverty-level wages. As the wealthiest university in the world, Harvard can easily ensure that all employees are able to live and raise families in the communities in which they work.

With its tremendous influence and presitge, Harvard sets an example for employers across the world. As faculty members at this illustrious institution, we join employees, labor unions, and students in calling on Harvard to set an example of social responsibility by guaranteeing a basic living wage to all members of the University community.