Tuesday, May 3, 2001

To our brothers and sisters fighting for a living wage at Harvard University and to their supporters:

We are the employees of the Harvard Club, and we are proud members of Hotel, Restaurant & Club Employees Union, Local 6.

We know about struggle. In 1994 we were forced to go on strike for nine months to win a fair contract here at the Harvard Club. At that time we received strong support from faculty members and students at Harvard University and from the wonderful members of the Harvard Club itself.

THe support we received from members of the Harvard Club in 1994 showed their great collective concern for working men and women. We have never forgotten their support. We not intend to enlist their support once again, as well as the support of our brother and sister members of Local 6, to convince the administration of Harvard University to treat their workers fairly and to pay them a living wage. We are immediately taking up a petition drive, signed by Harvard Club workers and members alike, demanding that Harvard University treat its employees with the dignity and respect that all working men and women are entitled to have.

We have a "no strike" clause in our contract that prevents those of us who are working at this time from joining your demonstration. But please be assured that we greatly appreciate the support that you are showing for the workers at Harvard University. Please be assured that we appreciate the efforts of the students at Harvard University who have been so militantly committed to this worthy cause. Finally, please be assured that your effort tonight is having a great impact. It is the very reason why we are here delivering this message to you.

Yours in Solidarity,