KSSG to Support the Harvard Living Wage Campaign
A Resolution

Authored by: Lynne Lyman

Motion for Approval at KSSG General Session April 3, 2001 (passed)

Whereas, the federal minimum wage does not fully meet the needs of working families, and

Whereas, the Living Wage Campaign at Harvard University is a coalition of students, workers, and faculty members who are working together to eliminate the problem of low-wage labor at Harvard University, and Whereas, as the School of Government, we should be an active part of this critical coalition seeking to address social and economic justice issues in our own community, and

Whereas, the Living Wage Campaign advocates that people who work in our community should be able to live decently and raise their families here, and

Whereas, Harvard University is the second wealthiest non-profit institution in the world (second only to the Vatican), with an endowment of over $19 billion, and

Whereas, Harvard University can clearly afford to pay its employees, including full-time, casual, and subcontracted, a living wage (currently calculated by the Harvard Living Wage Campaign at $10.25/hour based on the Cambridge Living Wage Ordinance passed in 1999), adjustable for inflation,

Therefore be it resolved, that the Kennedy School Student Government (KSSG) endorses the Living Wage Campaign at Harvard University.

Be it further resolved, that the KSSG Communications VP will work with the author to draft a letter regarding the position taken in this meeting to present to both Dean Joe Nye and Harvard President Larry Summers.

Be it further resolved, that interested members of the KSSG will assist the author in collecting endorsements from KSG faculty and administration.