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Living Wage Links

General Information on Living Wage Campaigns

ACORN Living Wage Web Site
Start a Living Wage Campaign
The New Party's Living Wage Web Pages
"Living Wage, Live Action" in The Nation, Nov. 23, 1998
Sample Living Wage Resolution
New York Solidarity's Living Wage Campaign Web Pages

The Johns Hopkins Living Wage Campaign

Johns Hopkins Living Wage Campaign Web Site
Johns Hopkins Living Wage Partial Victory
Johns Hopkins to Lead the Way on the Living Wage - In Three Years Time

The University of Virginia Living Wage Campaign

Opinion by Professor Nelson Lichtenstein
Opinion by Professor Eric Lott

Swarthmore College Living Wage Campaign

Living Wage Campaigns Around the Country

San Jose Passes $10.75 Living Wage Ordinance
Jersey City Living Wage Victory
Santa Cruz Living Wage Victory
Dade County Living Wage Campaign
Boston's 'Living Wage' Law Highlights New Grassroots Efforts to Fight Poverty
Living Wage Becomes Law in Boston
Living Wage Rage Comes to Greensboro
Responsible Wealth: Businesses and Investors for a Living Wage

Information on the Wage Gap in America

United For a Fair Economy
Economic Policy Institute
Center for Economic Policy Research Tides Foundation

Other Links

Harvard Watch, a student coalition to democratize Harvard

Questions or Comments? Email pslm@hcs.harvard.edu