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Harvard Living Wage Action Shots

Rally and Hunt for the Harvard Corporation: March 12, 2001

photo by AP

Living Wage Campaign's Visit to New York, March 3-4, 2001

When the Corporation won't meet with you, sometimes you have to meet them...

As soon as we arrived at McKinsey & Co.'s office, they locked the door and wouldn't let us in.

When Maddy explained that we have a letter for D. Ronald Daniel, who is on their board of directors, they still would not open the door. So Maddy had to slide our letter through the space between the doors. [Matt's observation: at least, unlike the corporation, the door was transparent].

We picketed outside to let people know that a man who works in the building is keeping over 1000 workers in poverty.

We ended the day with a visit to the office of Corning, James Houghton's family business, located in the Trump tower.

The next day we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, of which James Houghton is the chairman. We left a letter for him at the information desk.

And we picketed, sang, and leafletted outside to let patrons know that being a cultural philanthropist does not excuse denying a decent wage to the people who keep Harvard running.

Neil Rudenstine's Christmas in Jail: A Living Wage Christmas Pageant, December 7, 2000

Molly McDickens, the emcee

A visit from the ghost of Harvard future

HERE Union Steward Larry Williams tells what it's like to work at Harvard

The ghost of John Harvard visits Rudy in jail

Jail, Inc. -- When will Harvard force Sodexho-Mariott to divest in for-profit prison stocks?

The Paper Dolls: Freshman Parents' Weekend, October 27

We strung up 1,000 paper dolls in Tercententary Theatre to symbolize the 1,000+ workers at Harvard who don't earn a living wage and have no voice in the university.

Presidential candidate Ralph Nader criticizes labor policies at Harvard on October 3, 2000

Harvard Workers First: Rally for a Living Wage on May 6, 2000

photo by the Crimson
Cambridge natives Matt Damon and Ben Affleck speak out for a living wage for all Harvard workers.