Salaries at Harvard University

Harvard EmployeePositionCompensation
Jonathan S. JacobsonFund Manager, Harvard Management Company$10 million
Maurice SamuelsFund Manager, Harvard Management Company$6 million
Jack R. MeyerPresident, Harvard Management Company$1.8 million
Neil L. RudenstinePresident, Harvard University $350,000
Kim B. ClarkDean, Professor, Business School $225,000
Peter M. HowleyProfessor, Medical School$248,230
Elizabeth WarrenProfessor, Law School$192,550 plus $133,453 in “other compensation” (included faculty mortgage subsidy, and housing allowance)
Average Senior Faculty Member$112,200
Average Associate Professor$60,600
Average Assistant Professor$56,900

The Harvard Management Company (HMC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harvard University which manages the University's endowment, paid its top five fund managers a total of $27 million last year. See "Harvard Fund Investors Earn Record Salaries" in the Crimson Online

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