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The Harvard Living Wage Campaign

What's New? 16 April 2001

9 April 2001

Campus-wide Living Wage Teach-In, Tuesday 4/10, Loker 028, 6pm.

Kennedy School Student Government Passed a Resolution in support of the Living Wage Campaign.

1 April 2001

Our March 12 rally was a success. Thanks to all who came and supported us. Associated Press photo. The day before, we had a very loud presence at a press conference announcing the selection of Larry Summers as the next President of Harvard.
We got PRESS COVERAGE for both events.

Join us for a SLEEP OUT for affordable housing -- Wednesday, April 4, 7pm, Science Center Lawn

5 March 2001

RALLY MARCH 12th at Noon at the John Harvard statue!!!

PSLM just had perhaps the most productive weekend in its 50+ month history! No joke: we had THREE separate actions, all completely terrific.

First of all, we sent at least a dozen members to New York and Connecticut on a wily chase for members of the Harvard Corporation -- a chase which had them singing in the lobby of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, conducting surveillance of the New York Yacht Club, and educating the staff of McKinsey, and on and on and on. I was completely blown away when I talked to people who went; they went to sites that belong to corporation members all over the Northeast and distributed thousands of leaflets all over the eastern seaboard.

Second, we had a good action during Dean Lewis' speech. Six junior parents were kicked out of Science Center B for simply holding signs during an event that they were invited to; they didn't make noise or chant, but they were threatened with arrest nonetheless. It took 10 brave HUPD officers -- several of whom raced to the scene in squad cars -- acting on Dean Lewis' orders to stop Ben's mother. good work, guys. and way to go free speech.

Third, we also coordinated a great antisweatshop rally at Niketown to protest the union-busting and other human rights abuses taking place in a Nike factory in Mexico called Kuk Dong. We've really forced Nike to make progress at this factory, but there's a lot of work to be done -- and we brought students from all over the Northeast to Boston to do it.

There's never been a better time to get involved in PSLM stuff: things are set right fit to blow this semester. We've got a RALLY a week from TODAY, folks, because it's been over TWO YEARS students, faculty, workers, and the community have been demanding a Harvard Living Wage, and we're sick of waiting. And let's not even get started on the Workers Rights Consortium.

So, join up!

Old Stuff

The Harvard NAACP has passed a resolution in support of the Harvard Living Wage Campaign.

The Living Wage Campaign recently met with the faculty committee, and presented a memo outlining the need for a living wage at Harvard.

Cambridge City Council unanimously passed a $10 per hour Living Wage Ordinance