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LABOR ABUSES CONTINUE AT HARVARD Read the Update on Low Wage Labor at Harvard, 2003.

DINING WORKERS STILL BELOW CAMBRIGE LIVING WAGE Under the contract settled between Harvard and the dining hall workers' union, HERE Local 26, on June 13, starting wages for many dining service workers are now $10.85. This is a significant improvement from $9 under their previous contract, but still well below the Cambridge City living wage level of $11.11. Would an extra 26 cents, enough to bring dining service workers to at least the symbolic Cabmridge figure, bring Harvard to financial ruin? Click here to see the full contract.

YEAR END UPDATE On May 8th, 2001, the we ended our occupation of Massachusetts Hall, the office of Harvard's President and Provost. Significant progress has certainly been made in the past year: wages for janitors and security guards are up and raises for dining workers will be negotiated, while Harvard has adopted a parity policy that dulls some of the destructive effects of outsourcing and has promised to release annual data about low wage campus workers. But much work remains to be done: Harvard has still not agreed to a living wage policy which ensures that all campus workers and their families do not live in poverty, and that wages are adjusted to account for rising costs of living. Moreover, our sit-in was also about the wages and working conditions of those who manufacture Harvard apparel in sweatshops, and Harvard has not moved an inch on this issue in the year since we left Massachusetts Hall. Click here to read our full year-end update.

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