Dear Living Wage Campaigners,

Rage Against the Machine salutes your efforts to gain a living wage for the Harvard staff and employees. We are writing to express our solidarity, and to thank you for work your work to end injustice.

I can relate to your struggle, as I am a Harvard alum myself, Class of '86. While there, I was a part of the divestment movement to end apartheid in South Africa, and joined in the struggle to help kitchen workers at the university fight for a living wage. So I am quite familiar with school administrators and police threatening and berating us for letting little things like principle and human rights get in the way of business as usual. And now you continue the struggle, countering greedy university practices with courage.

As the universities and colleges around the nation shift their focus from knowledge to commerce, intransigence like that showcased by the Harvard establishment is on the rise. Don't let that happen. We know that you'll continue to fight the bastards, and that you'll win.

Tom Morello
Rage Against the Machine