Dear Harvard Alumni and Community Members,

We are very excited to announce a new initiative to improve working conditions at Harvard: the creation of a Fund for the Harvard Workers Center.

The mission of the Workers Center is to develop a cooperative partnership between University workers, unions, and students, and to create a strong voice for workers across all employment sectors at Harvard.

To that end, the Center is engaged in a combination of service and organizing strategies that focus on the economic, social, and political concerns of workers on campus. It uses a multi-cultural, multi-sector coalition to address the complexity of labor issues on campus, including low wages and poor benefits, discrimination, and workplace rights and safety. It also strives to create a positive and supportive social and political space that offers multiple opportunities for workers to engage in the transformation of working conditions here at the University.

The Harvard Workers Center began in August 2000 with the support of Law School Professors Duncan Kennedy and Lucie White and Kennedy School Professor Marshall Ganz.

Curricula and other planning has been prepared for programs including:

* Summer education programs integrating leadership with ESL
* Leadership Workshops
* "Toward a Just Campus" newsletter for workers
* Dissemination of information to workers regarding immigration rights, proper workplace procedures, and the benefits available to them
* Legal and Contract Rights Advising

Now funding is crucial to the ability of the Workers Center to improve working conditions at the University.

Immediate needs include:

* Stipends for summer Leadership and Organizer Interns -- ideally two workers and two students who would implement the above programs.
* A stipend for a permanent Organizer
* Copy Machine
* Office Space

We need your help to make the Workers Center programs happen. This is your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of workers at Harvard University for years to come. Please help us by making a pledge, no matter how small, to the Fund for the Harvard Workers Center.

You can reach me at 617-495-4871 with any concerns, questions and pledges, or email the Alumni Coordinator at Checks can be made payable to the Harvard Workers Center, 23 Everett St., Cambridge, MA 02138.

Thank you for your support,

Aaron Bartley

Director, Harvard Workers Center