Welcome to the Harvard Workers Center

Bienvenidos al Centro de Trabajadores de Harvard

We are a legal resource center for workers in the Harvard Community.

The mission of the Workers Center is to develop a cooperative partnership between University workers, unions, and students, and to create a strong voice for workers across all employment sectors at Harvard.

To that end, the Center is engaged in a combination of service and organizing strategies that focus on the economic, social, and political concerns of workers on campus. It uses a multi-cultural, multi-sector coalition to address the complexity of labor issues on campus, including low wages and poor benefits, discrimination, and workplace rights and safety. It also strives to create a positive and supportive social and political space that offers multiple opportunities for workers to engage in the transformation of working conditions here at the University.

The Harvard Workers Center began in August 2000 with the support of Law School Professors Duncan Kennedy and Lucie White and Kennedy School Professor Marshall Ganz.

Our office is located at 11 Garden St, Cambridge MA 02138.

If you have any questions or seek legal advice, call us at (617) 876-1536

Si Ud. tiene algunas preguntas o desea asistencia legal, llame al Centro de Trabajadores: (617) 876-1536