Volunteer Opportunities at the Harvard Workers Center

Teach ESL. If you are interested in teaching (team teaching is definitely a possibility!) this summer, please email Jenny (jfoster@hds.harvard.edu) with the following info:
1. Whether you would want to do Saturday or Sunday 4-6 pm, or another weekday time (either before 6, or perhaps around 10 am).
2. Whether you speak Spanish (or Haitian creole!)

We are currently talking to workers to find out interest and times when workers could come; we'll need to set up classes soon!

Volunteer with SEIU Local 254. Local 254 really wants some regular volunteers - either for research or organizing. This work will be directly tied to getting ready for contract negotations in December. If you are interested, email Jenny (jfoster@hds.harvard.edu). If you are fluent in Spanish (or Creole), the possibity for paid work exists.

If you have any questions about volunteering for the Workers Center, email jfoster@hds.harvard.edu

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