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We, the members of Harvard-Radcliffe RAZA, determined to define our Mexican and Latino roots in the American political and social context, identify ourselves as Chicanos; asserting our individuality, we also declare our conviction that we are unique and distinct as a group and a people. From this collective realization, our aspirations originate.

We wish to promote the objectives of Chicanos throughout the entire world, most especially at Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges. We encourage Harvard and Radcliffe to provide greater opportunities to all Chicanos and Latinos students as well as faculty and administrators. Together, their inspiring presence will foster the social, moral, and intellectual environment most vital
to any academic institution.

Finally, we recognize that Chicanismo is an experience and a tradition that extends beyond Mexican-Americans, to all Latinos. Indeed, we stand in solidarity with all who seek to preserve their culture and heritage. Collectively, we will contribute to a spirit of unity and a sense of community by supporting each other through every possible means. Thus, in reaffirming the fundamental principles of Harvard-Radcliffe RAZA, we recognize that:

"La Union hace la Fuerza."

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