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[av_icon_box icon='15' position='left' title='Join RCE!' link='' linktarget='no'] The River Charles Ensemble expects strong dedication and commitment from its members. Holding auditions is a way for RCE to build its community and to ensure of its lasting high quality. We are really pleased to learn you are a prospective member of RCE and we hope to meet you (and have you join us) soon!

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Please review the following information carefully before attending your audition.


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[av_icon_box icon='124' position='left' title='Audition Locations are held in Quincy House, Renovated Building, Basement Floor!' link='' linktarget='no'] The River Charles Ensemble auditions will be held in the basement of Renovated Quincy House! Warm up rooms will be available! Please plan on arriving 10 minutes before your scheduled audition time. We hope to see you soon!

Please refer to the below map to guide you!

RCE Auditions Map

[av_textblock ] Philosophy behind the audition: Your audition will be evaluated by the current board members and founders of the ensemble. We hope that the audition gives us a way to look into your proficiency on your instrument, your strong sense of musicality and leadership, your skills of collaboration and communication, and your enthusiasm for unique music-making. Your audition is not based on how well you play on your instrument, but rather on a combination on your overall sense of musicianship and instrument proficiency, with an emphasis on your musicianship and ability to collaborate with others in music-making. Auditions are held so that RCE administrators can best put together an ensemble that will succeed and perform to the highest ability. RCE is not all about a group of strong musicians, but rather a group of musicians that can work hard and well together to create a strong ensemble.

Audition Dates: Audition sign ups are now closed.

Location: Quincy House, Renovated Building, Basement floor

Duration: Each audition is expected to take 5 to 10 minutes maximum.

Requirements: For your audition, please keep in mind the following:

  • Prepare two (2) contrasting excerpts of your choice that best demonstrates your musicianship (example: one fast, one slow; or one technical passage, one melodic passage)
  • You will be asked to discuss your musical ideas on your excerpts (some examples: why you phrased a certain way, what is going on in the score, articulations, etc…)
  • You may be asked to discuss your musical ideas on excerpts provided to you during the audition (we are not testing for sight-reading – we are looking for your ability to discuss musical ideas)

The River Charles Ensemble is seeking to build a strong community of students with exceptional musicianship and provide a place for them to make music and flourish as musicians. We are looking forward to helping you with your audition – think of it as a non-stressful conversation about music. If you  have any questions, please email us at!