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This Review includes articles across Business, Science, Technology, Policy & Politics, Art & Culture, Community, and Activism. We are especially interested in articles that take an interdisciplinary or creative approach to environmental challenges.

Our Spring 2015 feature will focus on the future of nuclear energy. Specifically, we hope first to explore the science and history behind the technology, the most salient risks for future development, and the potential to compete with other energy sources.

If you would like to submit an article about our feature topic or any other pertinent topics, fill out the form here. Our editors will be in touch with you shortly.

We recommend that articles be between 800-1500 words, although we also encourage you to write the length that best fits your interests and subject matter. Please use parenthetical in-text citation, if any.

Examples of appropriate articles might be:

  1. The relationship between consumer behaviors and brands with a “sustainability” promise.
  2. What energy start-ups are doing to the renewable energy industry.
  3. Natural resource degradation in developing countries, and what developed countries are doing to halt it. (e.g. US forgiving Indonesian debt in exchange for tropical forest preservation.)
  4. An article that looks beyond the activism and politicism of the Keystone XL pipeline and examines the feasibility and practicality of the pipeline from a technological standpoint.
  5. A summary and opinion about a lecture that you went to that somehow related to the intersection of the environment & society (e.g.).
  6. A term paper or other longer in-depth study of a narrow topic.
  7. A summary and opinion about a recent research journal article, such as this one about effective global biodiversity conservation.


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