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Wed, Oct. 19th
8:00 PM
Leverett House
D-Entry Dining Hall


Thurs, Oct. 20th
8:00 PM
Leverett House
D-Entry Dining Hall

These meetings will be indentical. You must attend one of them.

Bring the speech you want to use at the Nancy Houfek seminar.
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Nancy Houfek Seminar
Wed, October 26, 6pm
Location TBA

Nancy Houfek, the Voice and Speech Coach
at the American Repertory Theatre, will be
conducting an interactive speaking skills
seminar for HRS.

  • HRS recently welcomed Mimi Goss to our weekly meeting. Goss (bio) is an expert on how public figures present their ideas to a wide audience. She has coached politicians and others in the past, and this week she commented on our own pro-war and anti-war speeches.

  • Earlier, HRS welcomed Ted Sorensen (bio), Special Advisor and Speechwriter to President John F. Kennedy.

    [Kennedy Speechwriter Ted Sorensen
    teaches a packed house tools
    of the speechwriting trade.]
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