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Wed, Oct. 19th
8:00 PM
Leverett House
D-Entry Dining Hall


Thurs, Oct. 20th
8:00 PM
Leverett House
D-Entry Dining Hall

These meetings will be indentical. You must attend one of them.

Bring the speech you want to use at the Nancy Houfek seminar.
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Practice and improve your public speaking skills
by working in small groups with politicians,
attorneys, actors, speechwriters,
members of the clergy,
and more!

The Harvard Rhetorical Society (HRS) is a unique student organization founded for the purpose of increasing studentsí public speaking abilities. It operates under the premise that it matters not how smart you are if you are incapable of effectively communicating your ideas.

Our activities consist chiefly of:
  • Interactive training seminars led by guest speakers from various professions, whose ability to speak persuasively is instrumental to their professional success.

  • A middle school outreach program to help younger students improve their public speaking skills and confidence.

  • Weekly dicussions on speech topics of your choice.

  • A monthly movie night!
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