Every spring semester, we seek individuals interested in peer counseling to join our staff beginning next fall. No experience is necessary; all counselors receive intensive training before the beginning of the fall semester.  

2022 Spring Semester Interviews

Every year, Room 13 holds interviews in the spring for staffing positions starting in the fall. 

This year, there will be two rounds of interviews, the first of which will start right after Spring Break (March 23rd) and will continue through April 12th. The second round will begin April 15th.

The format of the interviews are role-played hypothetical examples of what you may encounter on staff. No prior experience is needed and the examples are not based on real room experiences. We will contact you for the second round of interviews.

The purpose of interviews are to both serve you by showing you what you may encounter in the room while also showing us how well you fit within our confidential, nonjudgmental, nondirective room style. What we do NOT want are people stressing over these interviews. This is not a reflection of your abilities or potential. We host interviews so that we can find potential staffers who will work well with our style and help strengthen the room(‘s ability to serve the) community.

What is expected of staffers: If you join staff, you are expected to work about two 12-hour shifts per month from 7PM to 7AM, attend monthly staff meetings, and check in at weekly supervisory meetings. Additionally, you are expected to communicate and keep up to date with our slack channel (we know) and emails. This is vital to keep the room open. These are some of the larger expectations you should be aware of before interviewing. We hope you’ll join us in the room!

Here is where you can sign up for your interview!