Insurance & CAMHS

All students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Program, which is comprised of two components: the Student Health Fee (SHF) and the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). 

Student Health Fee: All full-time students must pay the SHF. Covers most care at HUHs, including routine care, speciality care, behavioral health, and urgent care. SHF services has no copayment when performed on-site. The SHF also covers therapy and medication management visits at CAMHS, with no copayment. There is no need for a referral from a primary care physician to access these services. 

Student Health Insurance Plan: Covers specialty care at hospitals and prescription drug services through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Students with comparable health insurance coverage can waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. The SHIP covers in and outpatient mental health care outside of CAMHS. For outpatient therapy, the SHIP covers 40 visits per year. The first 8 visits of outpatient therapy from in-network providers are covered completely, visits 9-40 require a $35 co-pay. Visits 1-40 of outpatient therapy from out-of-network providers require a 30% coinsurance payment. 

More Info on Insurance in Response to COVID-19