The Radcliffe Union of Students (RUS) is the mechanism through which Harvard feminists have their voices amplified. We host panels, discussion groups, and events that ensure the creation of safer, more productive, and equal spaces for women. We are an intersectional organization that understands that the marginalization of women is part of a larger structure of oppression that affects all marginalized communities.

Our goals include getting more representation for women in the UC and in the faculty; increasing publicity about issues pertinent to women at Harvard, holding panels and events on women’s issues, producing political and academic discourse on gender discrimination at the undergraduate level, and collaborating with other organizations to promote a broad progressive social justice framework.

The administration, representative of general society, often does not find it necessary to make undergraduate female voices heard—just as it often ignores the voices of people of color, queer and trans* people, and the working class and poor. RUS is also dedicated to bringing together a larger, more diverse women’s community by engaging with communities that the feminist movement has not traditionally reached out to. By acknowledging the unique experiences of women of color, working class women, queer and trans* women, and disabled women, we are forcing all women’s issues to the forefront of campus discussion at Harvard.

RUS is committed to putting theory and discourse into tangible political action. Political action includes (but is not limited to) protests, petitions, performance art, and poetry. We work within the system when it is necessary and productive and rail against the system when it refuses to cooperate. RUS strives to make feminism, and the struggle for women’s rights, a part of the fabric of campus activism.