Refugee Youth Summer Enrichment

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RYSE: Providing Quality ESL Instruction for Refugee and Immmigrant Youth Since 1986!

Created twenty years ago in 1986 under the auspices of Harvard's Phillips Brooks House Association, RYSE has a well-established presence in Boston's immigrant communities. Every summer, RYSE provides a diverse group of students from over 26 different countries with quality ESL instruction from 4:30 to 7:30 in the evening, five days a week. Our evening hours allow our students to maintain daytime jobs, which are a necessity for many. Though our students come to RYSE speaking a wide variety of languages and from many different backgrounds, within RYSE's supportive learning environment, our students are able to connect through their communal desire to learn English. This summer's session will run from Wednesday, July 5th, to Thursday, August 17th. For more information, please contact Henry Fienning ( or Sabrina Forte (


RYSE 2006 Staff


Henry Fienning

Sabrina Forte


Sarah Burney

Nimet Eren

Daniel Gonzalez-Kreisberg

Kimberly Hagan

Claire Lukeman

K'idar Miller

Viet Nguyen

Caroline Silva

Noah Van Niel

Director of Programs:

Kerry McGowan